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J Paule's Fenn Inn policies


We have two room that we have set aside for loving pets. Guest Room #5 and #6,   Their is a $20 per day charge per pet. Sorry no cats, I am very allergic to cats,   Please check web site for our pet policies .
Providing a convenient lodging option just 10 minutes from Saugatuck; only 18 minutes from Holland, South Haven, Allegan; and only 45 miles from Grand Rapids, Muskegon and Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Our inn is our living, and we have needed to instate some strong rules to protect us from losing our livelihood and to provide our guests with the best possible vacation experience. Please read over our policies before making a reservation at J. Paule's Fenn Inn Bed and Breakfast.

Check-in / Check-out

Check-in: after 4 PM (unless other arrangements are made). Check-out: 11:00 AM. (unless other arrangements are made)

Please Note: If you decide to stay longer there is a $10 fee per hour for late checking out. Advanced notice must be provided if you wish to check out late. The Latest you can check out is 3 pm on the day of you leaving because we need time to clean the room for our new guest....

Smoking Policies

J. Paule's Fenn Inn is a non-smoking bed and breakfast facility. There are no exceptions. If we find evidence of smoking in your room, an automatic $200 extra cleaning charge will be added to your bill, plus a charge for any smoking-related damages.


Reservation's are made with a credit card only, once you arrive your Visa, MasterCard, or Discover card will be charged. (No money orders, cashier checks or personal checks accepted).     

NOTE: Cash stays are discounted 5%, you will still need a credit card to hold your reservation. If you are using a booking agency such as Bed and Breakfast .com or Air-bnb,  Expedia and the list goes can not pay with cash because they have already collect your money  not us. Sorry! 

Repeat guests receive a 5% discount on their return visit...if using a booking agency, again we can not give you this discount, sorry! the up fees they charge us will not allow it.


Minimum Stay:

A two-night minimum stay is required for June 1st - November 1st. weekend dates, with the exception of a Thursday - Friday or Saturday - Sunday stay to make the two-day requirement or a Thursday -Friday. During the week, one night stays are fine Sunday - Thursday. So always call you may get lucky.. If you stay all 5 days Sunday - Thursday the  you get a 10% discount.
***During off- season Nov-March one night stays are good any day of the week

Holiday day we do prefer a 3-day minimum stay, always call a 2 day may be open.

For questions regarding booking policy, feel free to contact us! (269) 561-2836

Cancellations and Refund  

Most area Inns will not consider a cancellation refund of any kind if cancellation is the same day you are to arrive because they do not have time to re-book. However, we know that situations arise that may complicate our lives.

Our re-booking/Gift Certificate policies allow us to keep our Inn running, and they also allow our guests some flexibility in the event of unforeseen circumstances.( Please note if you book with a booking site you must call a min. of 7 days before your booking date or their is no refund or gift certificate.)  Your card will still be charged for the stay you booked and you will receive a Gift Certificate (unless you used a booking site)for the same amount to use at another time that will work out better for you. That way we get to stay in business, and you still get a vacation in the future.

Guests are responsible for the entire reservation amount in the event of cancellations less than seven (7) days prior to your reservation date(this is firm for on line booking sites) unless we are able to re-book your reserved room prior to the reservation date. This includes early check-outs. A $25.00 fee will apply to cover the office costs of initiating the process needed to re-rent your reservation days.

Please Note: If after you check-in you have to leave early for personal reasons or business, there is no refund on your stay.

If you cancel your reservation less than 7 days from your arrival date and we are unable to re-book your room, you will be responsible for the full cost for the night(s) reserved. A gift certificate will be offered which may or may not except. ( again booking site you are responsible your full reservation with no gift certificate offer) All booking sites have an up fee of 18-20% and that is why we do not offer gift certificates to guest that us them for booking their stay at our Inn... Sorry!

Dog-Friendly Police: Sorry, I love cats but am very Allergic. we allow dogs in Guest room #5,#6 and #7, their is a fee of $20 per pet per day, owners are responsible for any pet-related damages or disruption and Dogs cannot be in a guestroom alone; if you wish to board your dog for a day there are places close to do so. Dogs are permitted inside food areas, or outside eating area if you feel you pet works well with others..... your call...Dogs can not be left in rooms with out you being their.

***Please not that service dogs are still dogs, dogs  require a lot more time to clean the room the $20 is a cleaning fee, and will still apply for even a service dog.

Please Note:

  • Your loving dog, must be good around other people. Dogs(s) must be kept under control at all times.
  • Please leave your Dog outside when you check in to alleviate check-in stresses. This also gives them time to go to the bathroom and stretch a little after a long car ride.
  • Please have your pet well-groomed for their stay. We reserve the right to refuse your dog if he or she smells, so PLEASE have your dog  groomed for your stay at our Inn.
  • Feel free to bring some of your pet's possessions with you! You are bringing your dog to a strange place and that can be very scary without some comforts from home.
  • Please note that you are required to take your Dog with you during your stay; they cannot be left in the room alone... you may not think so but they bark....
  • We would appreciate it if you would take your dog to the backyard behind the tree line on the hill or along our quiet side street for "Dog business." Plastic bags are available to clean up after your pet's walk around our yard back by the hill.
  • We would prefer you not bring your Dog to the breakfast area, as some guests may feel uncomfortable with pets there. In good weather we do have outside breakfast areas where you may bring your dog down with you for breakfast; otherwise some people will bring a cage to put them in while they are eating breakfast which would be required to leave them in the room during breakfast. Upon you leaving your dog must go with you unless other arrangements have been made.
  • Some guests may be intimidated or fearful of dogs that are not on leashes, so please keep control of your dog while walking the grounds.
  • There is a $20.00 charge per day for each loving dog you bring this is a cleaning fee.
  • If your dog sleeps with you on the bed(s), we are happy to provide an extra sheet for them to lie on so that our bedspreads do not get dirty – just ask! Otherwise, a $60.00 per-bedspread dry-cleaning charge will be added to your bill.

Pet day care is available for those guests who do not want to have their dog with them for the day.

Google can help you find a doggie day care if needed.

J Paule's Fenn Inn policies

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