J. Paule's Fenn Inn, Fennville- Saugatuck
2254 S. 58th St
Fennville, MI, 49408, United States
(269) 561-2836

Pet Policy

Pet Friendly Policy

We allow pets in  all the rooms except for the West Suite #1, there is a no pet policy for that room...There is a small fee of $20 per pet per day, owners are responsible for any pet-related damages or disruption. Dogs cannot be in a guestroom alone; if you wish to board your dog for a day there are places close to do so. Dogs are prohibited from inside food areas unless it is an out side eating area. or after asking guest if it is ok with them to have the dog their...Most guest do not mind , but some do.

Please Note:

  • The  West Suite #1 is NOT pet friendly, no pets are allowed at any time.
  • Your loving pet must be good around other people and enjoy other dogs. Pets(s) must be kept under control at all times.
  • Please leave your pet outside when you check in to alleviate check-in stresses. This also  give them time to go to the bathroom and strech a little after a long car ride.
  • Please have your pet well-groomed for their stay.
  • Feel free to bring some of your pet's possessions with you! You are bringing your pet to a strange place and that can be very scary without some comforts from home.
  • Please note that you are required to take your pet with you during your stay; they cannot be left in the room alone.
  • We would appreciate it if you would take your dog to the backyard behind the tree line on the hill or along our quiet side street for "pet business." Plastic bags are available to clean up after your pet's walk around our yard back by the hill
  • We would prefer you not bring your pets to the breakfast area, as some guests may feel uncomfortable with pets there. In good weather we do have outside breakfast area’s where you may bring your dog down with you for breakfast other wise some people will bring a cage to put them in while they are eating breakfast.
  • Some guests may be intimidated or fearful of dogs that are not on leashes, so please keep control of your dog while walking the grounds.
  • There is a $20.00 charge per day for each loving pet you bring.
  • If your dog sleeps with you on the bed(s), we are happy to provide an extra sheet for them to lie on so that our bedspreads do not get dirty – just ask! Otherwise, a $40.00 per-bedspread dry-cleaning charge will be added to your bill.
  • Pet day care is available for those guests who do not want to have their dog with them for the day.

Contact Lorrie Colling at Happy Tails at 269-561-7387 to make arrangements. Their location is just 4 miles from the inn at 6055 127th off 62nd, North of M-89. Arrangements must be made prior to bringing your pet to the facility.

Camp Critter Country, 4747 102nd Ave, Grand Junction, Mi 49056 269-521-4424