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Layered Breakfast Casserole

Layered Breakfast Casserole

Bake In pre-heated oven to 375 degrease F.
Use 16 oz. Corning ware Stoneware w/ lids(so you can make casserole the night before)

Layer according to how it is written

Ingredients you need to buy:

  • 2 packages Simply Potatoes
  • (1/3 cup per casserol)
  • 2 packages Jimmy Dean fully cooked Sausage Crumbles Original
  • (1/3 cup per casserole)
  • 2 packages finely shredded cheese (2 cups net wt. 8 oz.
  • (1/3 cup per casserol)
  •  Sweet red pepper(leave raw) use 1 Tbsp + per casserol.
  • 2 eggs Per casserole + 1/3 cup Milk per casserols
  • ( scramble eggs and milk together)

Start by layering:

1/3 cup Potatos, 1/3 cup sausage, 1/3 cup cheese, sweet pepper  in each Casserole, then top with the mixture of eggs and milk... make the night before or that morning which ever works for you .

  Bake uncovered , check at 45 min. see if eggs have set- insert a knife if it comes out clean for the most part the casserols are ready (Do not over cook till dry)

Bake 375 degrease F.

Cooking time 45 mIn
Makes 8-12

NOTE: You can also use vegetables like Broccoli or Spinach. You may use more or less if you do not like green or sweet peppers then don't put any inn. You can use any of your choice sausage or even bacon

**These can be made the night before, also if you wish, that is why you need a dish with a lid.

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