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Khnemu Studio LLC on Fernwood Farm

Pottery Classes

Puch- Card Pottery Classed

7 Classes/ $150 / 25lbs.

15 Classes / $300/ 50 lbs.

Khnemu Studio offers classes year around and students can stat at any time.  Each class credit is a 3 hour class and students may use their class credits?

Thursday 10 am -1pm

Sunday 11am-2 pm

Classes includes:

Clay(addition clay may be purchased)

Studio Glazes (cone 6 stoneware)

Equipment and firings are provided.

Please dress to play in clay and bring a clean shop towel.  For adults only.

Class credits may be used at students conveniece, during the above referenced times.

However, due to the nature of the process and studio space constraints, a student who does not use a class credit for a period three weeks their credits will be discountued and their work discarded.  Contact studio for more details.

If you are interested in Special events and work shops offered by Khnemu Studio visite the web site.

Khnemu Studio is an intimate small scale ceramics arts facility.  The studio's mission to broaden the general public's appreciation and understanding of hand-made ceramic art and studio artists.  This is to be accomplished through classes, events, workshops, membership and residency programs.  The studio beleives that its goals can be furthered by creating a mutal helping environment, and that is basis of it's programs.