J. Paule's Fenn Inn, Fennville- Saugatuck
2254 S. 58th St
Fennville, MI, 49408, United States
(269) 561-2836
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On the last Wednesday of March and April at 7pm in the pub (March 26th.    You can come and Enjoy the subtle nuances: for ust $15.00 per person ( $12.00 for Pint club members)

On March 26 The:

First  is roasted garlic cashews and dried cherries dusted with smoked paprika.

Served w/ Oval Beach Blounde

Second _ Warm brewers cheese fondue with toasted spent grain bread.

Served with ESB / Amber

Third is Mesquite smoked bologna w/ cream slaw and spicy mustard served on a bit size pretzel bun

Served w/ bonfire Brown

Fourth is Hopped venison and apple sausage served w/ IPA grain mustard.

Served with Singapore IPA

Fifth is Home made warm banana bread served with whipped honey clover butter

Served with Hefewizen

Come Join the experance.