J. Paule's Fenn Inn, Fennville- Saugatuck
2254 S. 58th St
Fennville, MI, 49408, United States
(269) 561-2836
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The What-Not-Inn is a restaurant & Bar just 6 miles from J. Paule's Fenn Inn. Every monday night it is open to any one who wants to join in wather they want to play  music or sing.. Lots of fun startsa at 6pm - 10pm.  Throught the winter there is live music also on Saturday nights from 6-10 pm. As you can see on the map it is on the corner of Blue Stary Hwy and M-89.

 2014 not up yet.

Only Monday MUSIC with, Wally Michaels - Piano, Jeff Bevens - Bass,Jack Wilkins - Drums and harmonica. during off - season.

It is great fun, and the food is good and they poor a good drink also.