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Stuffed Raspberry French Toast with Turkey patties.

easy to make

1 pk of cream cheese

1 loaf of french bread

Raspberry jam or jelly

6-8 eggs with a little milk,dash of salt and a dash of pure vanilla

Set out cream cheese and let get to room tempture so it will spread easier, cut into 8 equal peices

Alow the bread to set out and become dry ( 16 slices in all -8 sandwiches)

Take one  of the 8 squires and cut it inhalf and place one peice  on each slice of bread.... put a tablespoon of jam or jelly on one half and make a sandwich sealing the edges with the cream cheese. 

Makes 8 sandwiches

Make the egg mixture , with milk, salt, and vanilla and beat well..  dip sandwich into egg mixture allow excess to run off back into bowl, and place on a sprayed grill at about 350 degrees... brown on both sides and surve....

I top with powdered sugar and some fresh Raspberries and surve.